Liquid Zeolite Scam

Don't Get Ripped Off By Purchasing Liquid Zeolite. Learn Why!

Zeolite is an amazing volcanic mineral and there are different types of zeolites that are used to produce many different types of products in various industries that include the petrochemical industry, soaps and detergents, medical, water filtration, air filtration, odors and for the pet industry.

However there is only one type of zeolite used for human consumption to safely remove toxic heavy metals that include mercury, lead, cadmium, barium, arsenic and radioactive isotopes including radium, uranium, thorium and Strontium-90 from the body of both animals and humans. This zeolite is called Clinoptilolite and it is graded by its purity and only the cleanest, highest quality, mold spore free zeolite in its powdered mineral form should be used for human consumption to properly detox the body to safely remove these contaminates!

The Scam----The Truth Is

There Is Absolutely No Such Thing As Liquid Zeolite

Clever mineral supplement marketers discovered that people would rather purchase a zeolite product if it came mixed in a liquid form in convenient little eyedropper bottles so people could detox themselves by adding little drops of zeolite mixed with water or in their favorite drink! This sounds nice and easy but the reality is that liquid zeolite is nothing more then a little bit of powdered zeolite mixed into a liquid that is mostly clean plain water. Powdered zeolite is simply not water soluble so it will not totally dissolve in water or in any other liquid!

Also the quality of the zeolite that is mixed in liquid eye dropper squeeze bottles vary, but much of it is lower quality zeolite that is mined for industrial or agricultural use that has to be chemically treated to remove contaminants in order to be made safe to put into the body because it is not specifically mined for human consumption as it should be and is with the higher quality powdered zeolite detox products also available on the market.

One liquid zeolite manufacturer called Waiora that is also a multi level marketing company selling a liquid zeolite detox product called NCD (NATURAL CELLULAR DEFENSE) ended up in court being litigated (Sued) for damages by their own dealers and customers for selling liquid zeolite that only had trace amounts of zeolite in it! (CLICK HERE FOR THE ACTUAL LAWSUIT) They are still selling their zeolite now as NCD2 but with more zeolite added into the liquid eye dropper bottle! Other liquid zeolite products on the market include Ultra Liquid Zeolite, ACZ Nano Advanced Cellular Zeolite, ZeoPro and ZETOX!

The only liquid zeolite product we are aware of that uses zeolite that is specifically mined for human consumption is ZETOX. This product also contains more actual zeolite then all the others and it is OK to use for travel once in a while as a back up to detoxing with the much more concentrated powdered zeolite which is 100 percent zeolite and the only proper choice for detoxing toxic heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the body to remove these contaminants once and for all!

The question and the important fact is how much powdered zeolite can you mix with liquid and get it to squeeze out of the small opening of a little eye dropper squeeze bottle! The answer is and always will be NOT MUCH BECAUSE TO MUCH ZEOLITE WILL SIMPLY PLUG UP THE SQUEEZE BOTTLE! Does liquid zeolite work? The answer is not much compared to using the 100 percent natural powdered form of Clinoptilolite zeolite that is the only form of zeolite that should be used as a proper and safe detox to remove toxic heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the body.

The Liquid Zeolite Scam Exposed

The simple facts below show why liquid zeolite is indeed a scam and its easy to understand once you realize that zeolite does not dissolve into any liquid!

Fact: 1 Single Scoop (Dose) Of Zeolite Pure Micronized Powdered Zeolite Contains More Zeolite And Much Higher Quality Zeolite Then 2 Full Bottles Of Any So Called Liquid Zeolite Product! Now that's a Liquid Zeolite Scam!

Real Comparison Amounts And Cost Of Liquid Zeolite Verses Zeolite Pure Micronized Zeolite Powder

1 bottle of well known liquid zeolite with 90 doses contains 2,100 milligrams of zeolite in it.

One single dose scoop of Zeolite Pure has 5,000 milligrams of zeolite in it.

Note: That there are 90 doses in one jar of Zeolite Pure. This equals 450,000 milligrams of Zeolite in one jar of Zeolite Pure!

It will take 185 full bottles of liquid zeolite to equal the same amount of zeolite in just 1 single jar of Zeolite Pure

185 bottles of liquid zeolite at $40.00 each equals a whopping cost of $7,400.00 compared to the same amount of zeolite in one $52.99 single jar of Zeolite Pure.

Just for the heck of it lets say that the liquid zeolite has a huge 50 percent off sale! This would still cost $3,700.00 for 185 bottles compared to the same amount of zeolite in one $52.99 single jar of Zeolite Pure.

The fact is that no matter which liquid zeolite product you compare to Zeolite Pure micronized powdered zeolite, the liquid zeolite is a pure SCAM!

The fact is that people need the correct amount of zeolite to do a proper detox and Zeolite Pure Micronized powdered zeolite is the best and cost effective detox to safely remove toxic heavy metals and radiation from the body!


Only Detox With The Highest Quality Powdered Zeolite!

Now that it is known to all that liquid zeolite only consists of a little bit of powdered zeolite mixed into a eye dropper filled with mostly water, common sense shows that detoxing with 100 percent pure high quality powdered zeolite is without question the best choice when doing a proper detox to safely remove toxic heavy metals or radioactive isotopes from the body.

We have found that the absolute best powdered zeolite detox product on the market is called Zeolite Pure! Zeolite Pure is Made In The USA and it is far superior then any other zeolite detox product anywhere. This is because Zeolite Pure powdered zeolite is has twice the Clinoptilolite content then the other advertised zeolite products. This zeolite is also specifically mined for human consumption (Not For Industrial Or Agricultural Use) and it is then micronized to a size of 0-40 microns so it can detox the body through both the bloodstream and through the gut at the same time for the very best detox! Zeolite Pure comes clean and mold spore free right out of the mine so no chemical washing is necessary. Zeolite Pure is tasteless and easy to take when mixed with juice or water.

The Zeolite Pure Detox Protocol

Each 400 gram jar of Zeolite Pure powdered and micronized zeolite will last one month at the detox dose of 1 scoop of zeolite mixed in juice or water to be taken 3 times per day. The detox takes 90 days so 3 jars of Zeolite Pure will be needed to do a proper detox. A pre-measured scooper is included in each jar. If the person doing the detox feels that they are still being exposed to more heavy metals or radioactive isotopes while doing the detox a maintenance dose of one scoop of zeolite once a day can be continued as long as it is desired.

Fact: There Are 90 level Scoops Of Micronized Powdered Zeolite In Each Jar Of Zeolite Pure That Will Last One Month (At A Detox Dose) Of 1 Scoop Mixed Into A Cup Of Juice Or Water Three Times Per Day

Fact: If A (Maintenance Dose) Is Continued After The Detox Protocol, One Single Jar Of Zeolite Pure Will Last 3 Months (90 Days) If Taken Once A Day.


The Best Online Resource For Zeolite Pure

The best online resource to purchase the Zeolite Pure micronized powdered zeolite detox protocol for the Absolute Lowest Prices along with free shipping and a wonderful free book on powdered zeolite that explains how it helps different health conditions can be found at the informative website



Liquid Zeolite is a scam! There is no such thing! Buy Zeolite Pure @



Liquid Zeolite is a scam! There is no such thing! Buy Zeolite Pure @

Liquid zeolite is a scam. Learn why Zeolite Pure micronized powdered zeolite is the best choice for safely detoxing heavy metals and radiation.
The Highest Quality Detox Zeolite On The Planet. It's a powder!






Liquid Zeolite is a scam! Buy Zeolite Pure only for detoxing your body of heavy metals and toxins!
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Liquid zeolite is a scam. Learn why Zeolite Pure is the best at
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