About Us

Our mission is to provide accurate honest information to our readers about zeolite the detox mineral so the readers of this website will now know that liquid zeolite products are mostly a marketing scam because zeolite can not dissolve in a liquid suspension eyedropper squeeze bottle to provide an adequate amount of zeolite to do a proper detox in order to remove heavy metals and radiation.

It is important for our readers to know that zeolite is a natural mineral that is best taken in a micronized powdered form in a larger amount while being mixed in a cup with juice or water to do a proper and more complete detox. The micronized powdered zeolite we recommend is a product called Zeolite Pure which we have found to be of the highest quality because of its purity, hi level of Clinoptilolite, its mold free and most of all because this zeolite is specifically mined for human consumption and it has been successfully on the market for over 15 years without any problems or negative change in quality. For more information with the absolute lowest prices and excellent customer service on Zeolite Pure we recommend that our readers purchase this quality detox product from the website at http://www.zeolite.com.